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‘Tarmons’ sketch

We are delighted to bring you this sketch of Sir Maurice O’Connell’s Living Room at ‘Tarmons’ following permission from the Mitchell Library. This picture came to our attention last year via an article in a State Library publication, SL Magazine (Spring 2011), and was particularly interesting for the Archives as our exhibition room is on the site of the room depicted. In some ways our exhibition room (see previous post) remains very true to the look of the original room as interpreted by the artist in this picture. The Sisters recreated the 1840s living room in a new building on the ‘Tarmons’ site in the mid-60s when the villa was demolished. This sketch comes from a 19th century scrapbook previously owned by Mary-Jane McArthur, widow of Captain Walter Synott and wife of pastoralist and artist Charles Macarthur, donated to the library in 1983. As you can see the picture is unfinished, and we can only speculate as to who sketched the picture and who these people in the picture are. Certainly, a lot of reading and needlework was being done.


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